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The life-changing magic of stories

I am passionate about stories. Amongst the many in this world are those that resonate. Sometimes it’s the one that you stumble across by accident. You know the one. It pulls you, line by line, drawing you along a tense road, with a dream ahead, and threat snapping at your heels. Oh, but the people you meet along the way! Friends and foes, rich characters that stay long after the last page. You feel their anger, loss, love, happiness.

What is a story if it doesn’t linger?

I’ve spent decades working in mental health, and know that sometimes we need to escape the world, or find someone just like us whose story of overcoming impossible odds resonates and gives us strength.

I write about strange things like ghosts and earth spirits, but the true story is about a journey to a better state of mind.

“Thoroughly brilliant and highly enjoyable read”

Coast and Waters Anthology

Dark and gothic. An immersive and addictive journey, I can’t recommend her work enough!

A K Nevermore


What a joy to read. Highly recommend

Amazon reviewer

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