Helping You Develop Well-Being in Challenging Times

Your well-being when dealing with adversity is important

Here at The Dark Pen, we believe that you can build emotional well-being in adverse times. It’s challenging, but you have the strength to keep going in unwanted change. Positivity and resilience can be built on, even in the hard times.

Whether you read, ride or walk here are some resources that will help.

You are the hero in your story.

True story of fighting cancer on a motorcycle

A story of resilience and empowerment in cancer

Read about the Motorcycle Church Challenge.

Before he died Richard got on his motorcycle to raise money for charity.

It’s a story of Kings, drowned towns and finding faith.

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Inspiring books

Find empowering and inspiring reads

I’m currently busy collating lists and ways of helping you find the stories that can help you develop well-being in adversity, starting with ‘Dark Pen recommends…’ COMING SOON

Book Journaling

Journaling for Mental Health

Journaling is a good way not only of documenting an important time, it can help process the thoughts and emotions that come with it.

I use it regularly and know it helps me deal with my loss, and gives me the chance to let go of some emotion. It also gets me focussed on what I need to do tomorrow.

There’s also evidence that it expands the brain!

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How walking is empowering in adversity and grief

The first Church Walk Challenge

How we found strength in grief on a walk challenge to 5 churches and raised over £900 for Teenage Cancer Trust. Read more here

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