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Finding inspiring stories

The life-changing magic of true and fiction stories

Here at The Dark Pen, we believe that stories have a special power. They can open our minds, make us smarter, even save our lives.

True story of fighting cancer on a motorcycle

A story of resilience

Read about the Motorcycle Church Challenge.

Before he died Richard got on his motorcycle to raise money for charity.

It’s a story of Kings, drowned towns and finding faith.

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Choosing the best book

Find good books

I’m currently busy collating lists and ways of helping you find the stories that will ring true, starting with ‘Dark Pen recommends…’

Book Journaling


Journaling is a good way not only of documenting an important time, it can help process the thoughts and emotions that come with it.

I’m a writer and it helps me deal with my loss, gives me the chance to get the emotions out of me, and gets me focussed on what I need to do tomorrow (postits are also good for this!).

There’s also evidence that it expands the brain!

More about this soon.


Choosing the best book

Julie on the first Church Walk Challenge


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