How do you deal with unwanted change?

The Dark Pen is all about finding strength when you suddenly find yourself in a world you didn’t think you’d be in.

You might be feeling alone, or lonely on a rugged road. It can be confusing, and make you feel sad, angry or listless. It’s a change you didn’t want, and you don’t know how to handle it.

You are not alone.

You are braver than you believe (Christopher Robin).

The Dark Pen doesn’t believe there’s a stock answer for getting through adversity.

In fact, the thing you are facing has changed your life and it will never be the same again.

But that doesn’t have to be a completely negative experience.

Along the way you meet people you wouldn’t have before, and there’s a potential for positive caring relationships, even with professionals.

You will also do things in a different way, or face strange or different situations.

One thing we believe is while you might not be able to control what’s happening around or to you, you can manage your own thoughts and feelings about it.

Now that sounds big doesn’t it, all this mindset stuff, maybe a bit too much to handle?

You can deal with unwanted change.

The Hero’s Journey is about dealing with unwanted change

And there’s some resources on this website to help. We look at it a bit differently, through the power of story.

Fact and fiction, humankind has learned from reading or listening to tales of how ordinary, sometimes downtrodden people are faced with unsurmountable adversity and come through. That’s the Hero’s Journey.

It’s in books, magazines, films, and that feel good story in the news. But you are on your own Hero’s Journey too, making decisions every day about how to react and what to do.

A Story of Hope and Resilience

This is our story.

In 2021 Richard my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

After his first operation he had a near-death experience which changed the way he looked at life, and he became more determined to be the best person and get the most out of his life by helping others.

I watched him, battered and exhausted, as he raised money to support teenagers with cancer, and supported other people with their physical and mental pain.

What we found as we travelled on his Motorcycle Church Challenge were heart-warming and inspirational stories about how humans cope with illness, loss, and vulnerability.

We both had to be strong as we faced his deterioration and death.

Now it’s just me and I’m determined to continue with Richard’s legacy through The Dark Pen, showing stories about how people (and old buildings) have coped with adversity in their lives, and how they have survived and adapted to their situations.

I worked in mental health nursing for over 20 years, helping people overcome or adapt to their situation. I then became an advocate helping people with empowerment and confidence within the health service.

I can write a lot about what being ‘strong’ means, but it isn’t about setting your face and getting on with it. It’s about self-awareness, mindset, showing emotion, and asking for help.

Yes, you are allowed to cry.

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