The Motorcycle Church Challenge

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This is me with Richard as we came out of St James Hospital in March 2022. He’d just been told that his cancer had returned, and this was the moment that he decided it wasn’t about preparing to die, it was about living your best life, the way you want to be remembered.

By July he had ridden over 2,600 miles and visited 122 churches, before an operation that removed a 10cm tumour from his groin.

Richard lost his fight against cancer in June 2023 but left us a legacy of strength and determination. It gave me impetus to carry on with his fundraising.

Now I can’t ride a motorcycle yet, and my bicycle rusts in the shed, but I can walk, and that’s what I am doing. Walking and writing – both are good for the soul, especially one that’s grieving.

Join me in my Church Walk Challenge.

It’s about discovering what’s down those paths and narrow roads. It’s about history. And most important of all, it’s about who you are.